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Here you fill find just a small sample of the stories we've learned about through our experiences.

This is the story of Angelica, a little Mayan child in Guatemala. It was late in the day. Sun was setting. There was no electricity in the school we were working in Dr. Bob Renner’s make-shift dental clinic. Dr. Bob was examining the last few children using flash light. We were all very tired until Angelica showed up with her mom. (continued..)

Wendy is from Izalco in Sonsonate province of El Salvador. Wendy, one of many siblings, lives in the coffee growing community of Izalco in a primitive home surrounded by three active volcanoes one of which erupted in 2005 killing several of the community members. (continued..)

Sery Mo
Srey Mo and her sister live in an orphanage in Cambodia. Her father died from HIV/AIDS. The mother has been unable to care for the children and they were given to the orphanage. Before the father died he used to burn both the daughters with cigarettes on their arms and legs. (continued..)