KIDS is Expanding to Mongolia! Our first mission trip will be May 17th through th 22nd.

See our write up in the Brown Human Rights Report for Kid Services

KIDS 2013 Guatemala Video

Most days we treat between 100 to 200 children. On the bright side, the cost of providing basic care to these children is less than $3 per child for treatment that would cost over $30 per child if performed at the health unit. So far we are personally committed to providing regular care to these children.

There are children in the world who will never have dental care that we take for granted unless we provide it. Most of these children have never seen a tooth brush. We treat children at the dump sites where they eat what ever they can find in the garbage that other people have thrown out. We provide dental care to children in orphanages where they come after being abandoned by parents, family members. They are forgotten children of sex slavery, dead parents of AIDS, gang violence, street accidents. In the remote villages we serve children who are often malnourished with severely limited life expectancy. They often have birth defects due to inbreeding. These are results of remoteness of the villages. Each community we visit we discover stories. (read more...)

Doc with KidsThe fundamental mission of Kids International Dental Services (KIDS) is to provide pro-bono dental care to impoverished children in developing countries. Other aspects of our mission includes (a) providing a platform for young dental professionals to perform community service world wide, and (b) to expose young students of High School age to social service and encourage them to innovate projects to serve disadvantaged youths in developing world. High School students who join us in our trips must be accompanied by at least one parent. (read more...)